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Parent's Feedback: 

cylch meithrin trelai reviews

To all the wonderful ladies at the Cylch, we want to thank you all for a lovely day at the beach. It was so kind that we didn’t have to pay, you all do a fab job with our kids, I know all the parents think your great!!! Love Jacob & Siobhan

Really enjoyed the sports day, the girls did really well and enjoyed themselves. Ava and Ella x

cylch meithrin reviews

All the staff at Cylch. Thank you for all the hard work you’ve put in to Dylan over the last year, he’s come so far. you do an amazing job with him. Hayley x

I felt like sports day was really fun and all the kids and parents enjoyed themselves. Bella has not stopped talking about it as her team won and she is very proud

Bella’s mum x

'I think everyone did a great job, it was so nice to see the children enjoying and participating in a lovely organised event' C.Gabriel

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